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The mission of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Coalition is to protect and defend existing and potential Wild and Scenic Rivers and broaden the movement for their conservation by raising awareness about their value. 


  1. Capacity: Build greater capacity for river organizations to be more effective advocating for Wild and Scenic protections.
  2. Advocacy: Protect and defend designated and potential Wild and Scenic Rivers and support the non-profit and agency river professionals who steward them.
  3. Communications: Improve communications amongst river organizations and with the public about the value of Wild and Scenic Rivers. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Statement


The Wild and Scenic Rivers Coalition is working towards a future where Wild and Scenic Rivers and other types of protected rivers are places where all people belong and feel safe, are represented, and derive cultural relevance.


The Wild and Scenic Rivers Coalition values participation by those with different life experiences, beliefs, perspectives, and backgrounds. We practice intolerance of the status quo. We honestly face and acknowledge a violent history that has led to today’s river protection and public lands movements and the injustices and biases that they perpetuate. We work towards changing the systems of inequity, bias, and discrimination in our understanding, planning, and practices to elevate systemically excluded people and perspectives as a path to true equity.


The Wild and Scenic Rivers Coalition:

  1. Welcomes all types of members and gives all members an equitable voice in decisions and a self-defining role in the trajectory of the Coalition.
  2. Seeks and adopts strategies within river advocacy and stewardship that eliminate harassment, discrimination, inequity, and violence.
  3. Expects all members to develop and take responsibility for their own commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice that are reflected in organizational policies and processes. The Coalition recognizes autonomy and authority in how members approach and implement their commitments.


The Wild and Scenic Rivers Coalition commits to addressing systemic exclusion and continued colonial oppression in river conservation. Coalition members agree to collaborate with, seek guidance from, and support relevant and proximate Indigenous Nations, Indigenous advocates, Native organizations, BIPOC, affinity groups, and other systemically excluded people and groups by:

  1. Committing to self-education that builds both our individual and community-wide awareness of systemic inequities in river advocacy and stewardship.
  2. Fostering trust-based relationships.
  3. Using best practices and guidance to shape current and future advocacy and stewardship campaigns and actions.
  4. Forging partnerships that assess impediments to engagement, transfer power and provide equitable access to resources and decision-making, and leverage organizational strengths and build capacities to elevate common work.

Accountability and Transparency

Annually the Wild and Scenic Rivers Coalition will evaluate and share its performance in executing its vision, values, commitments, and approach.

Contact Us

Interested learning more about the Wild and Scenic Rivers Coalition? Email coordinator Lisa Ronald at [email protected] or call 406-396-3607. Download the Wild and Scenic Rivers Coalition Logo.