Connect with Others Working to Protect Rivers

The wild and scenic river protection movement is small, yet dispersed. You may be the only person in your office who works on river-related issues, and that can be a lonely place to be. The Wild and Scenic Rivers Coalition helps to unite those working in river protection to create a more cohesive and supported community. Benefits to joining the Wild and Scenic Rivers Coalition include:

  • Bi-monthly calls and an exclusive email listserve offer a chance for discussion and knowledge sharing on topics ranging from specific designation campaign challenges to scaled CRMPs to litigation. Get help and advice on tough issues from seasoned river advocates, as you become one yourself.
  • Each winter, members of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Coalition gather in Washington D.C. for the annual Wild and Scenic Rivers Hill Week. Workshop together on collective issues, learn from others engaged in river protection campaigns in other places, and meet with Congressional offices, key committees, and agency leaderships to advance your designation campaign and/or stewardship issues.